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Improve the Look of Your Outdoor Living Space

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Your deck is exposed to the natural elements on a consistent basis. This leaves it vulnerable to sun or rain damage. As a result, your once vibrant deck is now dull and unattractive. Fortunately, A-List Painting LLC has a solution to this common problem. Deck refinishing is the best way to refresh your deck and protect it from future damage. Using high-quality paint from Sherwin-Williams, we'll make sure your deck looks as good as new.

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Keep your fence in excellent condition

When your fence is worn-out, it makes the rest of your property look bad. Don't let its damaged exterior take away from your home's overall design. Invest in fence refinishing. We'll restore its shine by applying a fresh coat of paint or stain. This improves the look of your fence and extends its lifespan.

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Make Your Deck or Fence Look Like New

Invest in our deck refinishing services in Champlin, MN or Brooklyn Park, MN

Are you tired of creaking boards and rough surfaces? If so, it may be time for a professional deck refinishing from A-List Painting LLC. Our expert crew can restore your deck to its former beauty. With proper maintenance, your deck will remain beautiful for years to come.

The two main ways to finish your deck are painting or staining. There are pros and cons to both. The pros of deck painting include:

  • Your deck will be easy to maintain
  • You have many color choices
  • Paint can hide flaws in the wood

The pros of deck staining include:
  • You keep the wood's grain visible
  • Stain penetrates deeper into the wood for more protection
  • Stain highlights the beauty of the wood
  • Stain is less slippery than paint

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We can restore any wood surface

In addition to deck restoration, we can also provide fence restoration. If your fence looks weather-beaten after years of use, let us restore it. Our team will have your fence looking both beautiful and strong again in no time.

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